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Christopher E. Rapley

“Reaching Above Potential Creating Opportunities”

Welcome to RAPCO Media, LLC, your local first independent media source, where we bring the heartbeat of the community to life through captivating stories, dynamic visuals, and engaging content. Founded with a passion for storytelling by Full Sail University Graduate Christopher Rapley, we strive to be the voice that resonates with the pulse of our diverse and vibrant community.

 At RAPCO Media, we go beyond the headlines, delving into the heart of local events, personalities, and issues that matter most to you. Our dedicated team of citizen journalists, interns, photographers, videographers, and content creators are committed to delivering accurate, insightful, and thought-provoking stories that reflect the rich tapestry of our community.

We pride ourselves on being more than just observers; we are active participants in the community we serve. From local events and cultural showcases to community initiatives and grassroots movements, RAPCO Media is your go-to source for staying connected and informed.

 Our commitment extends to providing a platform for local talents and businesses to shine. Whether you’re an aspiring artist, entrepreneur, or community organizer, RAPCO Media is here to amplify your voice and share your achievements with the world.

 As we navigate the ever-evolving media landscape, RAPCO Media remains dedicated to upholding the highest journalistic standards while embracing innovation. We leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver content seamlessly across various platforms, ensuring that you can access the latest updates whenever and wherever you are.

 Thank you for watching, reading, and being a part of the RAPCO Media community where we Rise Above Poverty to Conquer Oppression by Reaching Above Potential to Create Opportunities. Together, let’s celebrate the stories that make us unique and the shared experiences that unite us.


Post-production is a significant part of videography. RAPCO uses video editing software such as Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects to trim and arrange video clips, add transitions, apply visual effects, adjust colors, and synchronize audio. Editing enhances the overall flow and coherence of the video


Often used as a storytelling medium. Videographers employ narrative techniques, visual sequences, and creative editing to convey a message or evoke emotions in the audience. Effective storytelling helps engage viewers and deliver a compelling message.

Our Process

We pay close attention to detail when it comes to composition, framing, and camera angles to create visually pleasing shots. They consider factors such as the rule of thirds, depth of field, leading lines, and balance to create aesthetically appealing visuals. Videographers need to have a solid understanding of camera operation, exposure settings, focusing techniques, audio recording, lighting principles, and video editing software.

Our Mission & Vision

Lights, camera, action! Need a storyteller for your brand? Look no further, We Offer is your go-to videography and media company. From capturing the perfect shot to keeping you updated with the latest buzz in town on our local news blog, we’ve got it all covered. Let’s make your story stand out together!

Meet The Members

Welcome to the team! It’s always exciting to introduce new members who bring fresh perspectives and unique talents to our group.

Let’s give a warm welcome to our new team members who are joining us on this incredible journey. Each person brings something special to the table, from their skills and experiences to their enthusiasm and creativity.

We look forward to working together, supporting each other, and achieving great things as a team. Here’s to a bright future filled with collaboration, growth, and success!

Linda Rapley


Get ready to embark on a journey filled with style, adventure, and endless inspiration. As your dedicated Lifestyle editor, I’ll be your guide through all things fabulous and exciting. 

Diamondnike Ki’Lin

Lifestyle Reporter

As the lifestyle reporter, I’m here to bring you the latest trends, tips, and inspiration to elevate your everyday life. From fashion to wellness, home decor to travel, I’ve got you covered!

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Are you ready to take your online presence to the next level? Look no further, because we are here to create a visually stunning and user-friendly website that will make your competitors green with envy! 

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