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Bringing Awareness to Men’s Mental Health

ALBANY, Ga. (RAPCO MEDIA)-On this Father's Day, it's important to reflect on how many men may be struggling with depression and wondering if they can make it to another day. Mental health has become a prevalent topic in recent years, with more and more people speaking...

Homebuyer Workshop Coming To Albany on June 8th!

https://youtu.be/6MX_mr9Gy9U?si=TbauAM68goJSt399 Are you a current renter dreaming of becoming a homeowner? Are you looking to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the complex world of homeownership? Then you are in luck! Recently,...

Be Prepared, Hurricane Season 2024

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkBFI3r4Qa0 As we enter the summer months, the National Weather Service is predicting a potentially severe hurricane season. To prepare for this possible threat, the National Weather Service Partner Tropical Training was hosted by...

The Journey Of Linda Rapley, 17 Years Til Tomorrow

https://youtu.be/-0r4OutmKtQ?si=SmP6T0ELHZEUEoMV Meet Linda Rapley, a strong, resilient woman who has been on her journey of recovery for 17 years. Linda's story is one of hope, perseverance, and courage, as she overcame her struggles with depression and PTSD. Linda...

From My Blindness, I Gain Sight: The Inspirational Journey of Tracey Jackson

https://youtu.be/xQNdQGVRLnA?si=9fNyS4tffS-i2_5p From My Blindness, I Gain Sight: The Inspirational Journey of Tracey Jackson In a world where physical perfection is often glorified, it’s not easy to live with a disability. But for Tracey Jackson, his blindness has...

How To Avoid Relapse When The Struggle Is Real

https://youtu.be/ia4e1soVNE4?si=9-Ogh20gq_SUdXMd How To Avoid Relapse When The Struggle Is Real This story is about who have struggled with addiction and how difficult it can be to stay sober and avoid relapse. It takes hard work, dedication, and a support system to...

The Life Church’s “Love Our City” Project Feeds Physical and Spiritual Hunger

https://youtu.be/vgB6-M_-rjU?si=55Ck1xFDBQlqzi0A The Life Church's "Love Our City" Project Feeds Physical and Spiritual Hunger (May 4, 2024, Albany, Georgia) Amidst the hustle and bustle of Albany State University's graduation celebrations, one group of people stood...

Beyond Awareness Resource Festival Creates Community Support for Individuals with Autism and IDD

https://youtu.be/uvVUgW5w6eI?si=aOIyIhm5NyzSoF0s Beyond Awareness Resource Festival Creates Community Support for Individuals with Autism and Intellectual Developmental Disabilities On Saturday, April 27th, the Radium Springs Garden was buzzing with excitement as the...

Albany, Georgia’s Meet The City Event

https://youtu.be/08oFdJ6xVR8?si=hzG7cQWFQHiDWNa4 On April 20, 2024, the City of Albany, Georgia held a special event that brought together the entire community in a unique and exciting way. The "Meet the City" event, presented by Albany GA, aimed to bring city...

It’s Youth Baseball Opening Day in Crisp County Georgia

 It’s Youth Baseball Opening Day in Crisp County Georgia On Saturday April 13, 2024, the Crisp County Recreation Department hosted the much-awaited opening ceremonies for its youth baseball and softball programs. The event took place at the Crisp County Youth Ball...

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