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Clarify Your Goals

Start by reflecting on the long-term vision with your videography company. What do you aspire to achieve? How do you envision your company’s growth and impact in the industry? Clearly articulate your vision to provide a guiding light for your goal-setting process.

Identify Obstacles

Determine which goals are most important for your videography company at its current stage. Rank them in order of priority based on their impact and feasibility. This will help you focus your resources and efforts on the most significant goals that will drive your company forward.

Plan Action Strategy

Ensure that your goals are effectively communicated to your team. Align your team’s efforts and resources to collectively work towards achieving the goals. Encourage open dialogue, provide clarity, and foster a sense of shared purpose and ownership among your team members.

Improve Your Life

Establish metrics and tracking mechanisms to measure progress towards your goals. Regularly assess your performance and celebrate milestones or achievements along the way


Starting in 2015, our mission was to provide professional quality video production services for small businesses, with a strong focus on those that are minority owned. After being in business for four years, I decided to enroll at Full Sail University where I majored in Digital Cinematography. Using what I’ve learned at Full Sail University, RAPCO MEDIA is even more prepared to serve our clients. Now in 2022, we have started a platform focused on giving content creators a place to let their dreams live as well as producing independent journalistic content to serve at-risk communities.

“Reaching Above Potential Creating Opportunities”

Christopher E. Rapley

Christopher E. Rapley

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