On Saturday, March 16, 2024, a group of members from Life Church of Leesburg, Georgia came together to prepare lunch bags to feed the needy. This group of volunteers led by Rita Wooden, come together once a month to make 250 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for those in Albany and surrounding areas, especially at-risk and poverty-stricken communities. Rita Wooden was born and raised in Edison, GA, located in Calhoun County. Rita’s passion to help others comes from her upbringing and she does this through the Life Church’s Love Our City Ministry.  The Power of Prayer is strong in Rita’s life from sunup to sundown. Before Rita and her team move on anything, a prayer is said Rita states, “I don’t do anything without prayer, I need confirmation before I move on anything.”

Once every sandwich is made, bagged, and loaded into the vehicles the team lays out a strategy for the locations where the lunch bags and prayers will be delivered. They split into two teams and went into the communities to feed bodies and souls. However, the team will not hesitate to pivot when the need arises, Woody Wooden, Rita’s husband explains. “We just received a message that’s it several individuals, mostly children would be blessed by these meals, we are heading there now.” Once the Life Church team arrived, they got out of the van and went to work! With Inspirational Gospel Music coming from the powerful van speakers, people surrounded them to receive meals and word, with that comes the name Peanut Butter & Jesus. They believe in feeding both the body and soul.


Rita is clear about this, “yes I’m all about feeding the body with Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches, but you can’t get full without Jesus!”


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