Albany, GA. (Feb. 25, 2024)  Over the past several weeks stories regarding the unhoused/homeless issue in Albany have been written about. In this story Marlisa B. Nixon share’s how it was for her to from on top to the bottom and homeless because of a drug addiction. Marlisa’s is not your average woman on the recovery journey. Marlisa a unique individual that uses her talents to uplift woman who has been though than they share heartache and pain. Speaking of pain, in 2015 Marlisa due to her addiction to cocaine, she later became addicted to crack after being introduce to by cousin. When I ask her addiction and the affect it had on her life in her unique way she answered.

“I am Marlisa B. Nixon, a beacon of transformation and resilience, who has traversed the tumultuous landscapes of addiction-induced homelessness to emerge as a guiding light of recovery. Since 4/22/15, I have walked a path free from the chains of mood or mind-altering substances, a journey that not only brought me liberation but also empowered me to shed light on a past shadowed in shame. Embracing the hardships of homelessness, I strive to Create a safe space for healing across generations and leave a lasting impact that transcends time. Through my Recovery, I offer others the courage to embrace their own journey towards freedom.”

When Marlisa was going through difficulties she always relied onto her beliefs and powerful women in her life.

“Growing up under the influence of three powerful women—exemplars of Strength, Beauty, and Intelligence—I constantly sought their approval, masking my inner struggles behind a facade of false perfection. In the depths of addiction-induced homelessness, I found myself trapped in a cycle of fear, futilely attempting to fill a void with temporary comforts. Amidst the twofold agony of physical pain and the desperate longing for transformation, a pivotal moment in 2015 compelled me to take a radical step towards a new reality. Surrendering to my brokenness, I embarked on a journey of intentional surrender, finding solace in the act of letting go.”

Next, we circle back to Will Davis, who consistently continues the fight make a difference in putting a dent in the unhoused/homeless population in Albany. Recently Will was volunteering in the annual Albany/Combos Marathon he made sure to educate anyone who would listen regarding the unhoused/homeless situation in Albany. “ I know this a awesome day from Albany, Ga community, however I can’t with good conscious not let citizens and non-citizens know they we have a situation that needs  to be addressed. Yes, I’m out here giving out water and snacks to runners, however, I will be out tonight here tonight taking care of those that are unhoused/homeless who’s life itself is a marathon.

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